Here’s Baldy

Well my dads birthday went really well, he loved his present.

I had a wink and an email today, neither of these have replied to my emails yet.

Kevin and Perry are settling in together nicely.


That’s about all the updates so until next time…

What do you mean I cant leave it there, this is a dating blog and I haven’t been on any dates yet so there’s nothing else to talk about.

Ok, Ok I’ll give you some more dating tips, never happy are you.

First impressions:

Compliment your date with something like, wow what wonderful eyes you have or what wonderful ears you have and my favorite what wonderful teeth you have.


Second impressions:

Get your date something nice, if you are in a public establishment get them a drink and some cheese and onion crisps, this never fails.
If you’re at a cinema, the chilli nachos is a sure winner not that popcorn rubbish. The cinema is also a great option if you lack some commutative skills.

Discuss your mutual interests:

Talk about the things you like doing, if you don’t give your date time to respond this lets them feel more relaxed, as you are doing all the hard work.
Again If you are at the cinema you cant discus much as thankfully you only have a few minutes of trailers before the film starts.


Relax more during your date:

Make sure to supply your date with plenty of drink, this will greatly relax them further as it will allow them a break every now and again when they need to visit the WC, and if the drink is alcoholic well everyone knows about the extra courage it gives people.
At the cinema however, don’t supply your date with drinks, instead put your arm around them making sure to hold their shoulder, this will greatly comfort them.


End of date:

Don’t let your date leave alone, instead insist you take them home, don’t take no for an answer, this is their way of testing your sincerity, and shows that you care greatly about their safety.

When you arrive at their home make sure you accidentally collect something of theirs. Do this when you go in for the good night Kiss, this will guarantee you your second date. Later you can say you found an item of theirs and can give it to them on your next date.


There you go, some fantastic tips, make sure you let me know how they work out for you in the comments.


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