Calm before the storm

There has been no emails, likes or even views of my profile today, and I was sure the pictures of the owls would have done something even if it was only to look at the birds.


I do have a backup plan should this quiet period last too long, and that is a picture of Perry, no one can resist his adorable little face.
I can’t post a picture of Perry here just yet as I don’t have one, and poor Perry needs to settle in to his new home before I start using him as a dating bait.

Perry is the name of my second pet guinea pig, not a nickname for the thing you’re thinking of.
I got him today to keep my other guinea pig Kevin company, knowing myself what it’s like to be in a house all by yourself, day after day, week after week, year after… you get the picture.


I’m hoping this spell of silence is just the calm, before the storm of dating emails come flooding my way.

I say I haven’t been getting any interaction but actually I have, unfortunately the unwanted kind.
One or more of the free dating sites must have given out my dating email address, as apparently there are lots of bad girls wanting to hook up with me tonight.
These are definitely not the kind of dates I’m looking for.

Time for another dating tip.
If your going to sign up to a few unknown dating sites, make sure you setup another email account for this purpose.
Personally I have created an outlook alias so when this is all done I can just close it down.

Well I hope to have some better dating news shortly, otherwise I’m going to run out of things to write about, but bear with me followers something has to happen soon!


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