One month In

We are finally through week four, after some hard graft and many emails sent forth into the dating wilderness. So far not a great deal has happened on the dating scene.


I have had a few messages but nothing to write home about and none have led on to any dates yet, but as the nights draw in and the weather cools we might get a few more profiles added and my chances of meeting someone could increase.


The current email chain has gone quiet but it might have just been a busy day for the both of us.
My day has consisted of, fixing a friends car in the morning then a BBQ round another friends house to celebrate his birthday.
Whilst at my friends BBQ I met these two stunning birds, they even enjoyed me stroking their breasts and feet.


What? you thought… what a dirty mind you have, you should be ashamed of yourself.

It’s only a short blog tonight as I have need of some sleep, but I will say a quick Hello to my new followers, and a Thank You to all my followers, old and new.

If you like this blog then tell your friends and remember to follow my twitter account to find out the latest dating news.


One thought on “One month In

  1. What a gorgeous pair. Lovely plumage. I love owls. Eagle owls always look cross, I think, and tawny owls look frightened. Barn owls are my favourite. They have kind faces.

    You should add the pics to your dating profile as a talking point. Maybe leave out the terrible joke, though… 😜

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