Some chill time

Well, it has been pretty quiet today. I know, usually I’m inundated with messages and can barely keep the hordes of lovesick ladies that want to meet with me at bay.
This rare time of peace has, however, given me time to reflect on what has happened so far, while taking some time to chat with friends.


So far on my seemingly eternal journey into the world of online dating, I have found only two sites which seem to be any use whatsoever, although in fairness there are three sites which i’ve only been using for a few days. Mind you, I have already gone through all of their available local profiles. Took me all of thirty minutes. You could store their profile database on a Floppy disk. What? No, YOU’RE showing your age…


The award for “Most interactions so far” goes to Match.
I have consistently been getting a few views of my profile every day. Unfortunately, not many of these have turned into likes or emails.


POF is a very close second and I think it would actually beat Match, if it wasn’t for the fact that you have to pay an extortionate amount of money to see who likes you in the match game. There is a work around to this, handily. If you have the mobile app, it will let you see who likes you for free. I’m sharing this information because it’s only if other people are using the mobile app that they’ll see ME liking THEM!


OKCupid is fun and entertaining, if you enjoy scammer-baiting or chatting to people with a dominatrix fetish (not that i’m judging, it’s just not my idea of fun). Other than that, the site is a joke. Apparently it was taken over by Match a while back. I can only guess they allowed it to fall into disrepair in order to make you move over to their much safer paid site.

The other thing that I have found out is that online dating in its current form is not fun. Not even a little bit.


2 thoughts on “Some chill time

  1. Awww. That’s a shame. Dating should be fun. Match has a decent reputation. I never used a paid site, so I have no experience of them, but I would expect fewer idiots on the paid sites. Why would anyone fork out just to be a nuisance?

    Hopefully things will improve in the nextcfew days x

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  2. LOL your description of OKCupid is probably the most accurate thing I have read. I had this kid I use to go to high school with on there who kept deleting his profile and sending me the same message every time he created a new one. His message always ask to worship my feet since he had a foot fetish…

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