Ex This, Ex That, Exiting rapidly

Well, after yesterday’s blog there was another exchange of emails. Good news, huh? It was, until things started getting weird. VERY WEIRD.

Literally every message mentioned her ex and how much he thinks of her. He thought she was lovely and wonderful and the only reason she was splitting with him is because he didn’t want any more children. Discussing an amicable split is one thing but there’s clearly some lingering feelings there. Oh, did I mention that she still lives with the ex? Yeah, that’s a thing.


To further set the scene, her ex has two children from a previous relationship aged 18, 10 and 7. Yep read that again. That’s not my mistake, you read the same as I. Completely threw me too. Guessing one of the children came self assembly with hellish shipping problems.


Next began a slew of emails explaining to me just how bad everyone in the world is and how awful it is that she is really old and needs to have kids soon.

I know some people suffer with low self esteem, some people think the world is against them, I understand that. But this was all a little bit above and beyond. Skipping over the ex-worship. I replied and explained that she’s not old, given that she’s only ONE YEAR OLDER THAN I AM! I put it nicely though, I said all manner of nice things, only to be hit with this ultra conversation killer.

“So how is that your longest relationship was under a year? I would say your not good at compromising.”


Knowing naff all about me, you’ve reached that conclusion? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because I have never had a relationship with anyone yet. I have been too busy with the rest of my life and never managed to meet the right person, you cheeky…anyway, I don’t think this is going to work out. Next.

Do you remember the lass that I mentioned in a previous blog? She lives a fair distance away which was one issue. The other was that trying to hold a conversation with her was a lot like trying to put trousers on a monkey, it’s hard work, takes ages and the end result is never what you hoped for. Case in point, I got a very short reply today from her just saying “yes its a fair distance”.


Two things really upset me with this response

1) She never bothered to answer my question, “would you like to try and make a go of it or not?”. You could suggest that the dismissive email is a “no” in itself, but it’s good manners and takes ten seconds to treat someone like a human being.

2) Hang fire here, it took you a week to write THAT?! I’m not your orbiter who you can keep dangling whilst you chat to other people. Sorry but I’m not wasting time with that nonsense.

It seems the search continues on.


One thought on “Ex This, Ex That, Exiting rapidly

  1. [Awooga! Awooga! Awooga!] Yikes! I could hear the “run-away-as-fast-as-you-can” klaxon sounding as I read this. These are the women you need to be wary of on these sites. The “I’m-not-over-my-ex-and-can’t-get-my-facts-straight” woman should have warning labels on her profile! ⚠⛔🚫❎

    She reminds me of a guy I chatted with online for several months. He lived in the States, but we planned to meet up, as he was coming over for the Festival. Now, my memory isn’t as good as it could be, but when I thought the age of his daughter and number of years he’d been divorced seemed to have changed, I challenged him and he eventually admitted he was still married and trying to play away. Well, not with me, matey! No married men was my number 1 rule. He blocked me immediately after I outed him(!)

    “Little Miss Can’t-be-arsed” should be blocked, binned and forgotten about. She is a time-waster. Unfortunately, there are loads of people who go on these sites who either just want to chat, are trying to scam money or gifts, or who get off on trolling/taking the piss out of genuine people trying to find someone to date.

    Not everyone is like that, though, so don’t lose heart. You haven’t been at this very long and you do need to be patient and persevere. Hopefully it will pay off.

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