Pic ‘n’ mix

Firstly, sorry for my absence yesterday, I was unwell. In fact I was so ill that I missed the latest episode of Doctor Who. I know, dreadful right?


I am feeling a little better today and mustered up enough energy to catch up on Doctor Who and then check my messages. A moment of hope blossomed and then quickly died upon discovering one email on LoveThing. Good news? No. This email full of hopes and dreams had in fact been deleted, as it was from another of those damn scammers.


At this point, i’m feeling like a chocolate. Bear with me. It seems I have a lot in common with some particularly delectable sweets, those ones where you have no idea what flavour you’re getting, unless it’s  a Malteser or a Minstrel, because you can tell them a mile off. You start munching, nice flavors hitting your palate, excitement building all over again as you take out the next sweet and then HORROR! It’s the coffee one, which at this point is expelled from your mouth at high speed toward the bin.


That’s me. I am the coffee Revel. Still, i’m sure someone out there likes them.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored by…whoever makes Revels. I forget. Nestle? Anyway, i’m not getting paid.


One thought on “Pic ‘n’ mix

  1. Mars makes Revels. And they haven’t included a coffee flavour for years, which is a shame, as I liked them. They still have orange, though, which I’m less keen on. And they swapped peanut for raisin. I wisnae happy!

    Sorry you’re still feeling rotten. Did you take my medical advice? A toddy can cure all manner of ills. Except alcoholism…

    I’m sure there’s someone out there who likes bald, beardy blokes. There are plenty on Twitter and they can’t *all* be lying about having partners. Hang in there. You’re bound to find a nice lady eventually.

    Oh, and it’s palate, unless you were lobbing your Revels at a broad knife(!) 😜

    Hope you feel better soon x

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