Not going out

I did have another blog all set ready for today, as I was supposed to be going out this evening to wish my friend Al Vimh a bonnie fair well, as he is moving to Scotland next weekend, so sad, but an illness has struck me down so I wont be able to go.


Instead I have to remain in the house drinking pills and popping water, so I’m going to spam the hell out of some more people with loving messages in the hope that they have a heart and actually want to date a hard working, funny, bald and beardy chap.


I have finally found some free dating sites, one is called Bristlr, this site is dedicated to beardy folk and their followers, so far the online population is a bit sparse but maybe that will bring me luck we shall see.
Another is called I cant check this yet as it takes a while to approve your profile.
And finally the third site was shown to me by FreeDating and this one is called population again a bit on the slim side.

So I am now a member of six dating sites, OKCupid is still there on the chance that one of my likes actually gets back to me.
You cannot say I’m not trying, hopefully something nice will happen soon so keep your fingers crossed for me folks.


I have finally used all my boosts on Match, these did absolutely naff all, except Match felt the need to put me down each day with an email saying “Your boost was a success 156 people skipped over your profile and looked at someone else!”, well that’s how I read it anyway.

Don’t worry folks I will find someone, it takes time that’s all, I just hope I can last that long.


One thought on “Not going out

  1. Sorry to hear you’re feeling rotten. Dr Chazzy prescribes hot toddies, to be taken at regular intervals until you’re well again, or too sozzled to care! 😉

    When I was at the height of my online dating frenzy, I was a member of 22 dating sites. And I did get quite a lot of interest (to quote Joe Jackson, it’s different for girls), but it wasn’t necessarily from men who met my criteria. Many of them lived too far away (like India or Florida), were too young (18) or too old (77), or were married(!)

    I did meet a handful of nice men, but nobody I wanted to spend my life with. I hope you have better luck than I did.

    Feel better soon x

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