Make the pain stop

I don’t think it’s possible to take much more of this. Being proverbally kicked in the pecker daily is starting to take it’s toll.


“But Beardy, you were talking to someone yesterday! What happened?”

I stupidly mentioned the distance between us (although not ideal, I would happily travel if it meant finding love) and I think she had a “whoops” moment. She hasn’t spoken to me since.


I’m still trying, though! It’s day four of the Upgrade and I have now used 4 of my 5 boosts. This has resulted in about 60 profile views but no likes. Non-subscribers are able to message me until I cancel it, so there’s always hope, but up to now it’s done me no good.

Although this blog is primarily about online dating, I can’t help but wonder if i’d be better off in the real world. I wish there were more clubs and things in Yeovil which I could join and actually meet real people around my age, but apparently the damn internet and smart phones have sucked the social element out of most of us. Not you lovely people, of course, but most of us. God I sound old.


Speaking of clubs, I have joined The British Beard Club so maybe this will lead on to some social events where I can meet a beard lovin’ lass. Or a bearded lady. I don’t judge.

On a side note, you may or may not know that yesterday was National Poetry Day. Here’s my contribution…

Roses are red
with prickly bits.
Let’s go for a drink
and you can show me your…delightful qualities.


2 thoughts on “Make the pain stop

  1. Aw, that’s a shame. But given the way she cut you off, she clearly wasn’t worth your time. Hopefully you’ll be contacted by someone who has better manners in the near future. And good luck with the beard club. Maybe you’ll find better company there.


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