Dating Upgrade

Still no reply from any of the three likes (I had another this morning), so I have gone all out and upgraded my Match account. This will allow anyone to contact me for free, so now there is no excuse for anyone not to email me, asides from being digitally ill-mannered. There’s a lot of them out there.


I have also boosted my profile for a couple of hours, which means I’ll appear at the top of all the profile lists. Of course, so will all the other muppets like me that paid for a boost. You see, Match are not content with the fortune you already spend on their services, so they find ways of eking every last penny out of you. They’re like dating vampires.


I also looked at boosting my POF profile until I saw the ridiculous price tag. POF is free mostly and there’s nothing stopping you finding and speaking to someone. That being said, they do have extra bits to make things easier (apparently) but they’ll cost you near double the price of a Match subscription and with no short term options they can stick that where the sun don’t shine.

I have still yet to find a third dating site. I looked at some paid sites, but their prices are horrendous. Also, I have noted that paid sites include the word “free” to make sure they even appear in searches for free sites. Technically, they’re not lying. It’s Free to look at the site, but that’s as far as you can go. What has the digital age done to us that we now accept that we have to pay to talk to each other?


What ever happened to the good old days of going to a public venue for an evening of socialising? Why can’t there be something like the Saturday night dances my parents used to go to?


So that you all know, I do attend dance lessons on a Tuesday and or Wednesday night, but there is a big lack of people my age which is a great shame. What’s wrong with you all, it’s great fun and good exercise, so get out there! Keep an eye out for me, i’ll be the one with the beard.


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