Prep: Day Two

Well, tonight is the night. Shortly, I’m hitting the town and I have already done stage one preparation, so its now time for stage two. I have done most of stage one already a second time without the minty freshness this time, but now we add in the extra detail, The beard has had a trim and been conditioned and other areas have also been trimmed and groomed. What? Got to make sure things look there best.


Obviously I have had second thoughts about the outfit for tonight. It’s still jeans, but i’m now on the white checkered shirt or yellow checked shirt. That, or one of six t-shirts.


I have also changed the game plan for tonight. Instead of the kiss-a-gram booth (apparently a health and safety risk) i’m going to use my knowledge of dance to show off some classy moves on the dance floor, a few class moves that are sure to leave the ladies and gents shocked, How I’ve not won some world dance championship is a miracle, Well, at least that’s how I will see the situation after 12 pints of ale.

On the digital dating news, I have also had a like appear on my profile.After looking at the ladies profile, I’m assuming yet another mistake. After all, she is achingly lovely, Well, we can but hope. I have, just in case, spent an age making sure I have got the first message right, Followers, please keep your fingers crossed for me and I’ll let you know how the night goes tomorrow.


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