Who said silence was golden?

As you can probably guess by now, not a great deal has happened and i’ve still had no reply (very rude).

I know a few of you out there are probably thinking that maybe I’m not doing enough, so I figured I would share a few statistics with you.

Match POF OKCupid
Likes Sent 999+ 999+ 211
Likes Received 3 1 0
Emails Sent 50 50 31
Emails Received 0 (1 accidental like) 1 0
Spam 0 0 5

As you can see, I have been sending all of the love out into the immediate area (25mile, 50km radius depending on site). I am practically spraying love here there and ever…no, strike that, it’s a horrifying image. The problem is, for all my efforts, I am getting nothing but a proverbial kick to the gonads in return, not to mention the actual physical harm the poor fellow has endured.


You can also see from the statistics that OKCupid has not been good to me. I was on it for 7 days before I ran out of matches in my area, which is less than useless. During this time, I was approached by five people either selling themselves as dominatrix mistresses (tempting) or trying to scam me out of money (less tempting).


So what have we learnt here today? If we combine the stats, for every 2209+ likes sent, I get 4 likes in return. For every 129 emails I send I get 1 genuine response. This is going to take a while folks, now where did those dominatrix profiles get to?


One thought on “Who said silence was golden?

  1. Oh, lovely, that’s not good. OK Cupid is a dreadful site, though. I was on there for a couple of years and my only genuine matches were guys I’d met on other dating sites! I tried adjusting my date range, being “less picky”, but that only resulted in some bloke who cancelled our first date about an hour before we were due to meet! I tell you, the internet has eradicated manners and common decency. At least he didn’t stand me up, which happened with a different bloke on another dating site.

    It sounds like the lassies in Yeovil aren’t up to much, mind, if they won’t even acknowledge you. Although I still think it could be the beard…


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