Very sad news

Well, I’m writing this hoping for a reply, but its not looking good. The lovely lass (read yesterday’s blog to catch up) has not replied to my last couple of messages. My friends say she is probably working or busy and will reply later, but the old profile status said she has been online since I sent the replies so I have obviously been abandoned in favor of someone else.

Ah well. no time to dwell on maybes! After all, I still have a few hundred profiles to email yet!
Besides, this would have been a short blog and a waste of five months worth of Match fees if i’d found love so soon.

This is all part of the fun of online dating, or so i’m told. I do think some people need to look up the definition of fun, mind you, as I’m sure they’re thinking of something else.

Its only a short blog this evening as I have been very busy of late and need to catch up on a few things, so I will leave you with a brief, musical interlude which pretty much sums up my dating experiences thus far…


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