I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it…

You will all, no doubt, be glad to hear that I got a wink this afternoon (finally I hear you cry). I sent one of my charming messages in reply and quickly got a response. Fearing further damage to my nadgers (check out what happened last time I had one of these messages) I figured a cold drink was better this time and got myself a nice pint of water (healthy, I am).


I opened the message and again, my grip fails me. Jokes on you hand! Cold water can’t burnnneeYYYEEAARRGHHH! A heavy glass of water slams into my crotch and I have a moment to miss the burning before I slide from my chair, clutching my gentlemen’s parts.


After rolling around and whimpering for what seemed like hours, I managed to get back to the keyboard and carry on reading the message. This is no hoax or accident people, this lovely person is actually talking to me.



Well, I replied, answered her questions and added a cheeky bonus as you do and again received a lovely response. That’s as far as I could go this evening because its the last dance at Westland’s Leisure Center and I had promised to go so I told her I would be off text for a while and that I would text back as soon as I got home.

Keep your fingers crossed and think happy thoughts, people. More on this love story as it develops…


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