To baldly go…

Well the news is very sad folks, there has still been no interest on the dating front. It seems the awesomeness of the beard, together with the shear sexiness of the barren barnet is just too much.

I have combed the internet to find you five reasons why bald men are sexier than their hairy cousins.

1 Bald men look manlier, as proven by the many action heroes we have come to love.


2 The follically free don’t have to worry about bed head in the morning. Don’t you just love the fact that the person you went to sleep with still looks the same when you wake up?


3 The lack of high hair makes your other assets more noticeable, like your awesome beard or deep blue eyes.


4 Men with shiny scalps tend to have more confidence, well you don’t see me shying away from a challenge.


5 Bald men have higher levels of testosterone, which means a more active libido.


Given all these great follicle assets I have been granted, it seems very strange to me that no one is replying to my heartwarming messages of love?

We have also run into a slight snag with OKCupid, in that despite advertising their many profiles, they have unfortunately dried up and we’ll need to replace this with another site. We have had the suggestion of Tinder but I don’t have a Facebook account and I wont be creating one until the world rises up and obliterates Candy Crush. If you have any suggestions of free dating sites please feel free to add them to the comments.


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