Yippy I got an email!

So excited! This morning I woke to find a notification on my phone, letting me know that one the many people I sent messages to has replied. This was the same person that had sent me a wink (not a euphemism) prior to my message, so things are looking up!


I jumped out of bed, did the necessary in the bathroom, got dressed and went downstairs to make a cup of tea. All the time, i’m thinking “Could this be the one?”. I picked up my tea, went back up stairs to the study and fired up the PC. This thing used to be state of the art but now it takes forever to boot up.


Finally! The desktop! I load up the browser, navigate to the dating site and lo and behold there is the email notification. Still sitting there, no way it’s a scammer beause it would have been deleted by now. Hands trembling with anticipation, I click the icon and up comes my email. The start of the message is revealed!

“Hi, thank you for your…”

Uh oh. You hardly ever see anyone who is interested in you starting with a “Thank you”, a phrase which is just crying out for a “but”.
What happened? Did I say something wrong? Calm down, maybe she could be thanking me for my kind words about her?


OK, OK. My grip on my tea loosens as I read the incredible message, spilling a little of the boiling hot contents on to my trousers and burning my unmentionables. You what? I beg your pardon, you accidentally clicked the wink button?!

“…Sorry for the mix up.”

Well that’s just great isn’t it. I don’t get many winks and it turns out the one I did get was a bleedin’ accident! Damn, I thought I was on to a keeper there, but I suppose at least she had the common decency to reply. Oh well, the search continues.


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