Finally, some action!

As I stare at my freshly painted walls, I can see patches starting to dry…oh, you want to hear about the dating? Damn, you’re so needy.

As you can gather, it’s been a slow week. That said, I have received two emails, not replies I hasten to add, but two emails from peeps I have yet to contact. This is where it gets somewhat disheartening as they have obviously not read my profile fully, most likely dazzled by my masterful beard i’d wager. I know in my first blog, I explained that I wasn’t looking for much, but I did tweak the requirements just a little. You see, i’m planning ahead. At some point in the future, preferably before I end up in a motorised zimmer…


…I wouldn’t mind having a few little beardy ones running around, so I have added this requirement to the relevant sections of the 3 sites.


Now these two profiles don’t exactly meet my requirements. To put it bluntly, they really don’t want kids.

One thing which really gets to me on these dating sites and 99% of people on them do it! So many people don’t acknowledge your electronic letter of beautifully crafted poetic wizardry, flinging it into the cyber-trash, it’s digital bits scattered to the digital winds. Then, the few that do haven’t read your bloody profile page.

As I said, I make a point of replying to everyone that sends me an message. It’s really simple to do and although you might upset a few as your response is not what they were hoping for, you can pick them back up in the same reply with some nice kind words. Something simple along the lines of “I have had a look at your profile and while I don’t think we would be a good match I’m sure you will find someone to hold close soon”. You see? Simple.

Of course, there are a few people who claim that they’re simply too swamped. That’s the best excuse I have heard so far for not replying. “I get too many emails to reply to everyone!”
Well excuse me, Casanova, but if you’re getting that many messages how are you still single?

Rant over, but i’m not done just yet.

I have three ultimate first date tips that are guaranteed to have them running back to you for more of the good loving.

For the classicaly romantic types, try a lovely candlelit dinner in a top notch restaurant. Never fails, just don’t forget the tie!


For the slightly more adventurous, you can’t beat a nice walk, preferably along a beautiful white sandy beach.


Finally, for the social types, i’d suggest a great gathering of like minded people with plenty of fun and games


P.S. Thanks to everyone who likes and follows my ramblings, it does mean a lot to me. Don’t forget to bug your friends into checking this out! Especially if they’re single…


2 thoughts on “Finally, some action!

  1. I’ve done the online dating thing many times in the past, and it can be extremely disheartening and infuriating. Women get far more messages than men, many of which are rude or downright filthy. If you don’t reply, men often turn nasty, so some women just block those who doesn’t meet their criteria right away to avoid any unpleasantness.

    Manners have been destroyed by the internet. Something strange happens to people when they type on a screen. They seem to forget they’re talking to a flesh-and-bones human being and, instead, treat them like a sex bot. There are sites out there for those looking for a sex buddy, but people don’t confine themselves to those sites and you’ll find them everywhere, which can be annoying if you’re looking for a life partner.

    It’s rare to find someone who’s honest on their profile. I was told that I was unique in my honesty by all the guys I chatted with. I could tell you some horror stories (stalker types, money scammers, fantasists), but I’m sure you’ll find out for yourself soon enough.

    My advice is to be honest about what you’re looking for, and be prepared to go on a lot of first dates that won’t lead to a second. There are a lot of weirdos out there. Best of luck.


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