Nothing biting

It’s one of those days. Apart from the dominatrix crew pimping themselves out this morning, not much else has happened today.

Whilst I wait for someone to reply to one of my many lovingly crafted masterpieces, I thought I would share a few pointers on photos to help the newcomers to online dating.

Where’s Wally vs The Masked Crusader

The sites all say to sell yourself, so you need a cheerful picture of you, preferably featuring your face. Not the beautiful landscape with you two miles away in the distance and not the mirror selfie with the camera or phone in the middle of your face.


Spot the baldy.



It came out from the deep…

You might want to get some friends to give your image the once over before you post it. Unfortunately some pictures make even the most gorgeous people look like they lived their whole life in a cave eating nothing but Guano.



Crowd Surfing

Pictures of you and your friends together are fantastic. They show that you are social and always up for a good time.  Just don’t forget, if it’s the only picture you upload to your profile, it helps to highlight which one is you…


I’m the pretty one in the middle

To be fair only the free sites allow you to get away with dodgy profile pictures so there is some point to paying for a subscription, just wish it wasn’t so hard on the wallet.


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