Fairytale fantasies.

Today we had some fun with one of those nasty scammers, I swear to you, nothing in this blog is made up, although I may occasionally edit for comedic effect.

Anyhoo, this morning I loaded up the sites on the iPad to get into the online category (A good tip there for people just starting up) and after about 20 minutes I get a message, so I respond…


Before you all say I’m a weirdo for calling someone I have never met a princess, I did check her profile prior to sending the message and apparently this person loves been called princess, babe, etc and was looking to find a older man to call…we’ll get to that.

I could tell straight away that something was ary. Either this person is entertaining a very specific fantasy or we have a guaranteed scammer alert! Even so, for the sake of the blog I continued.


Ah hah! Now the truth starts to come out!


How the hell do you answer that and not spoil the fantasy? Why, with something that rhymes of course


With that blinder of a response, the profile fades into the ether, never to be seen again. Well, not in that form, not for a while.

So a little tip for the more gullible among you (and you know who you bloody are), under no circumstances give out any money to someone you have just met online. Unless it’s me.

The search continues…


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