To Date or not to Date.

1bRight! I have never tried this blogging lark before but I have a few friends that do it and thought I would share the highs and lows of online dating for the world to read and mock to their hearts content.

For this series I will be using three well known dating sites. Match (6 month paid subscription), OKCupid (free) and everyone’s favorite, POF (free). This will be updated daily until either I find someone to lock away under the stairs, or Match bleeds away all of my hard earned cash.

A few stats to set the scene,

  • Occupation: Software Architect
  • Gender: Male
  • Seeking: Female
  • Height: 6ft 2in
  • Weight: 15st 8lb
  • Age: 34

Here’s the ad i’ll be running on the aforementioned sites:

“As you can see from my photo, me and the terminator have that same charming smile, unfortunately I don’t have the same solid physique as that might have made this easier.

I have a great family and friends around me, with which I have many funny and happy stories, many of them on road trips touring the UK, nights down the beach or BBQ round someones house, you’ll have to ask me about them.

I will confess now, as you’ll only find later I do enjoy a move or two on the dancefloor whether its ballroom, latin or just wiggling hips, I’m currently in training on the first two, but have expert status on the latter.

Fitness is important to me, so I walk the 3 miles to and from work everyday and I enjoy cycling, badminton and swimming whenever I get the chance.

If you like what you have read so far then what are you waiting for? get those fingers typing, I promise to reply to every message, if you need more persuading then keep going check out the other sections below but I expect a good 97% of you are busy looking for send message button :-p”

I have been advised that this is funny, warm and has a hint of confidence, all key components of a good ad.

Now down to who I’m looking for:

  • pretty ladies aged 26-36

What? What can I say? I’m not that fussy.


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